Tonight's movie

The Fifth Element

I've heard that this movie was widely panned. However, everyone I've mentioned it to has said that they liked it quite a lot, and I have to agree. It is a fun movie.

I watched it on Crackle, which is a free movie site. When watching it on the Roku box (I watched the first half last night) it stopped every 20 minutes or so to play me a Bud Light commercial. I watched the second half on the PC and it played without commercials. I don't know if that's because it's on a PC or because I skipped ahead to halfway through and maybe confused it.
It is a very fun movie. In my world, it's in the Hudson Hawk file of fun movies that the critics hate.
Tegan and I both think it's brilliant. The air cars, that floating Chinese restaurant, Ruby Rhod. Cheesy fun.
I cannot imagine how anyone can't think this movie is brillant. From the goofy Jean-Claude Gauthier fashions to the outrageous characters.

Yeah, the Chinese junk floating restaurant is one of my favorites.
It makes my list of evergreens. Movies that I keep loaded on SOME device, in case of power failure, because I can almost always watch it again.