Yes, and it's the White edition. The Black one is the really nice one that claims to have enhanced low light capability, and also 240 FPS and 4K (15fps) capability. I may wind up getting a Black for front facing and moving this one to rear facing. I just don't know if I want to spend $600 on cameras for the bike. Actually I totally know that I don't want to do that, but I might anyway. Just not this month.

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It's interesting to see how circular the light thrown from your bike is. I expect it's not that visible as you ride.
It's actually pretty accurate. It doesn't quite pick up what my eyes do, but it's pretty representative. Previous cameras have been very poor at picking it up, this one isn't bad at all.

On that run I was running only my older light which has a round close in spot (how I have it adjusted). In the morning I'm usually running the newer light which has a wide pattern lens in it, and it's a little more noticeable at the edges that the camera doesn't pick up quite all of the useable light.

The two lights together are quite nice. Of course, all of that horsing around over years to finally get to a good light setup, and I just found out a couple of weeks ago that Philips makes just about the perfect bike light for right around $200, which is a pretty good price. Of course you have to pay to import it, nobody sells good, solid bike lights designed for road use here because in the US bicycles are toys and shouldn't be on the road.
Heard a story over the weekend about cyclists using cameras like this to help get the drivers who hit them or do other stupid things. Do you use it every time you ride?

(I must admit I couldn't watch much more than a few seconds of the video as it was making me motion sick but it is good quality.)
Yes, quite a few people ride with cameras these days. I ride with video every time. I used to have front and rear cameras, but I sold them and bought this camera. Now that I know I'm happy with it I will probably buy another.

I would have gone with GoPro in the first place as it's the industry leader, but they used to be close to $300. This one is $200.

I decided to have both front and rear video one day when I nearly got hit. I realized that with just front facing video if I'd been hit it would have shown me moving into the center of the rightmost lane for no apparent reason and then getting hit a second later. What really happened was that the guy was drifting right, so I thought he wanted to get on to the expressway onramp (right turn lane) so I moved left to let him pass more easily. Then he looked up from his phone that he had been texting on, jerked back into the lane and honked at me for "being in his way."