Nexus 7 troubles

The USB port on my Nexus 7 appears to be dead. It charges but won't sync.
FWIW, Google's 1st level device support people are super friendly, perfectly willing to take a lot of time, and are completely without a clue. I got elevated to level 2, waiting for that email now.

Seriously, I lead off with "I've tried 3 different cables, 2 different computers, through a hub and not, I've rebooted both the tablet and the computers. They're both Windows 7 installs, they're clean and totally up to date. Android is fully up to date. My phone (A One X running ICS) connects just fine to all computers on all cables and ports.

She is clearly just poking at a device on her desk and googling for stuff. After 20 minutes or so of suggesting stuff I'd already tried, she starts talking about installing new drivers on the computer. I said "Look, I don't want to be rude, but it's a physically defective port, I'm 100% sure." She said that's impossible because it wouldn't be able to charge. I explained that if one of the data lines was broken but not the power/ground lines, it would still charge. Also it would explain why the device has been charging very slow lately even on the dedicated charger - 14 hours to charge instead of 4. The lack of data lines would keep the device from communicating with the charger and it would charge at the lowest rate (probably 50 or 100 mA).

I'm quite sure it's a bad port. If it was not in warranty I'd crack it and reflow the solder, it's probably just a bad joint. I'm hoping for a replacement though. I'm trying to pull some video off there that I lost in the drive crash, but pushing to a SMB share through wireless from a tablet is slow going.
If going to SMB is slow, maybe check out AirDroid. I've used it with good success.
Thanks, if I ever have another reason to want to go to a server like that, I'll check into it. I suppose I'm still mainly thinking of tablets and phones as playback devices, and I tend to plug them in and push stuff to them via USB when I want content on them.