Here, have a benjamin.

I just ordered a digital piano from Amazon (Casio PK850 if you care). I couldn't find a local (IE lower Michigan) dealer that carries this line (few carry Casio at all). When I went to check out, I got 10% off out of the blue. No idea why, it just said "Promo applied, -$110.00".

I couldn't see where that came from, but I'm not complaining. I also applied about $20 in accumulated points from my Amazon credit card.

I really want to become at least minimally acceptable on an instrument, and piano is probably my best bet. I took a few years of lessons once upon a time and heck, all I have to do is to turn my proficiency on the computer keyboard into another skill, right? I'm really goosd aft stypwing on q aomputr kpbtd.

EDIT: Amazon is having a 10% off musical stuff sale, that's what the promo was. It was pure chance I got it, I didn't notice it and came very close to using their selected vendor, which was about $5 cheaper and had it in stock. Amazon does not have stock but for $110 off I'll wait a few days.