Book finished

Cold Days by Jim Butcher

That was EXCELLENT. Easily the best book in the series for quite a while, in the running for the best in series period. It was suspenseful, surprising, funny, emotional. I gave it 5/5 stars on GoodReads. Normally I only give 5 stars to "must read" books that define a genre, like Dune or The Stars My Destination, and since I don't think this book would be nearly as good without having read the rest of the series first, I thought about giving it 4, but in the end I think it's unfair to hold that spot for only books that are only good with the backstory filled in.

RE the ebook version, the publisher formatting is nice, good enough that seeing it in the Google reader caused me to try to get Moon+ to do it as well. It really can't do it properly so I looked around more and am currently using Mantano reader, which does an excellent job of rendering the book beautifully using publisher formatting, and is extremely fast and seems stable. I've also tried Cool Reader and Aldiko. CR isn't really that good of a contender, Aldiko is OK but my nod currently is for Mantano.
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