OK, now I get it.

I took the road bike out for the first time today, only going half a mile down the road and back. I think I get it now.

The old hybrid that I've been riding for 8 years is a lot like me being the engine and pilot of a vehicle I'm driving and I'm fully aware of the bike at all times. It's very much like driving a car.

With the road bike, it's like there is no bike. There's just me and the wind. Within seconds I realized that I could hardly tell the bike was there at all. I need to ride more than half a mile but a lot was immediately obvious.

I was going 25 MPH with probably the same effort that would get me to 16 or 18 on the other bike.

I just need to get used to the responsiveness. I felt a little wobbly but it's just because the thing responds to the slightest twitch.

All of you that have been telling me to get a nicer bike for years, yeah, OK, I think you win.
Welcome to the wonderful world of "whee!" I have a road bike and a mountain bike. The latter is like driving a tank compared to the other one. It's waaay too much work! Last summer I was averaging 14 mph for 30 mile rides. I doubt I could DO a 30 mile ride on the mountain bike and my speed would be closer to 10 mph, if that.

My average on the hybrid in the summer is about 17.5 MPH, more like 18.7 if I take the route without hills. I'm interested to see what I can do on this. The hybrid is faster than a mountain bike (I've never actually owned a mountain bike, since I have no interest in riding off road and mountain bikes have always seemed pretty dumb to me unless you're actually riding on dirt trails).

My goal is to make my 10.5 mile commute in < 30 minutes. I made 34 on the hybrid once with a tailwind.
I got the mountain bike at the right price - free! One of David's co-workers gave it to him but it was too small. I ride it when we go out for a ride together because it keeps me riding slow enough for him and his fat tire "comfort" bike.