Calvin vs bike

New helmet

I found a great deal on a POC Trabec MIPS helmet - $144 (normally about $220 street price). They actually make them big enough to fit on my head (60cm circumference). I could wish for better colors but I just got white and called it good. After the reading I've done in the last week, I'm happy to be putting my noggin inside a MIPS helmet. The only other choice, a Scott, looked really wimpy in comparison.

I've been using Bell Metros (and before that, Bell Citi) for the last 7 years or so. Hopefully MIPS helmets will become a bit more common and we'll get more choice in the future.
Those POC helmets seem really nice. I wish I could try one for a couple weeks to see if it's well enough vented for me to use in summer time. If it is I'd switch to one full time.
I doubt it's less well vented than a Bell Citi, which I used to ride in 100 degree heat. It doesn't bother me really.

I'll post some photos and opinions in a week or two.