Redoing the garage floor

...4 feet at a time. This is 25 bags of Quikrete and about 2 hours work (plus going back out and troweling a few more times as it sets.

The original floor (18 years old now) had dips in it and no rise at the edge, so there was a lake in there every time it rained.
This has a slight drop along most of it, then a 1/2" drop in the last 30 inches with a 1.5 inch lip at the edge just under the door, so it SHOULD keep the water at bay.

This has been on my "I really need to do this, but holy crap it's a lot of work" list for 10+ years now. I've been making an effort to actually DO STUFF this year.

I'm buying 30 x 80# bags of concrete at a time, about 2400#, which is about what my trailer can handle. I'm working both sides towards the middle starting with two 1 foot wide strips at the edges yesterday to give me something to strike against.

It's also a very good excuse for cleaning the damned garage. Hopefully a lot of what I'm taking out will not go back in.

Sadly, this also means paving over Kate's handprints from when she was (correction) 4 years old. Here's a photo taken from just before it was covered.

K was not quite 4 when she put those handprints in the garage floor.
You mean you didn't rent a concrete saw and cut them out for posterity?
There's a set of handprints in the front sidewalk, too, so it's not like that's the only record we have.