Calvin vs bike

New tires, new bike, broken spoke

The water sticking to the ground this evening is already somewhat crunchy and the forecast is for 28*F by morning, so the studded tires went on the new bike this evening.

And in the process, I found that there's already a broken spoke, at 163 miles. That's poor even for a crap bike, I expected more from a $1100 bike. I guess I'll retension the spokes after I replace that one. I may have trouble finding a replacement locally, it's a 266mm spoke, quite short due to the IG hub. So I went on Amazon and ordered a 50 pack of black Wheelsmith spokes from AE Bike, since I bet I'm going to break more of them.

Odometer: 163 miles
Nashbar Streetwise tires off (total miles 140)
Nokian Hakkapeliitta W240s on (unknown miles, 3rd season)