Calvin vs bike

Bike selection

When I only had one bike, I just rode it.

Now that I have two and the foul weather bike has the studded tires on it, it feels so bad. I definitely do not want to ride it unless I have to. In years past I'd look at the weather just to see what to wear, now I look to see if I can get away with riding the road bike or if I have to have the studded tires.

The other issue is that the IGH on the winter bike seems to have gotten misaligned somehow. It's a whole gear off - in 4 when the bar shifter says 3, and it's a little off from that so it skips a bit. I tweaked the barrel on the road the other day to stop it skipping but I need to figure out how it got misaligned. Might be a pebble under the cable or something. It'll wait until the weekend.

I'm as much as 10 minutes slower on the winter bike and I'm a lot more tired when I get there, especially on the way home where I'm always fighting headwinds and I'm in an upright posture on that bike.