Calvin vs bike

Broken spoke #5

This week's broken spoke is spoke #20, another drive side/trailing edge spoke. Only three more to go before all the stock spokes in that position have snapped. None of the replacements (Wheelsmith) have broken. The first break was at 163 miles, the second at 270, so both of those replacements have more miles on them than the first one when it broke. If I reach 1000 miles without breaking any replacements, I'll put it down to just garbage spokes. If any of the replacements break, I'll tear the wheel down and relace it with new spokes.

This one broke on Thursday on my way to work. They make a significant PING when they break. With the disc brakes I can just let them slide until the weekend when I can work on them in daylight.

previously: 24, 28, 8, 12 have broken

Odometer: 475 miles