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Blackout by Mira Grant

Quite a good ending to the series. It's probably a 4.5 but I'm rounding up these days. I intended to read this earlier (June 2012 when I finished the previous book), but it just kept getting skipped over, at first because the library didn't have Blackout in audio, then later just because I'd lost the thread of the story. I picked it right up again on the very first page of Blackout though.

During the previous book (Searching for Dragons) I discovered that my reading speed went up significantly when I switched to a smaller font on the Kindle, and chose a font that my eyes liked better. So now I'm on Caecilia on the smallest font setting, middle of the road line spacing, and smallest available margin setting. Seems to be the best for me.

I'm also using the heck out of syncing between devices on the Kindle, reading on my Paperwhite primarily, but using the cloud reader on my browser at lunch at work, and the Kindle for Android app on the phone when I've got moments elsewhere.

And for those who asked after I read the first book, I still haven't read any Seanan McGuire, but I guess now that I've read some synopses of some of her stuff, I understand and appreciate pen names. Nothing written under her name seems like anything that I would enjoy. I'm sure she's a perfectly good writer, since I clearly liked this series, but her normal stuff doesn't really seem like anything I'd bother with, so keeping them separate is probably good for me, it's a quick way to separate the genres.

I'm trying to read more broadly, but there are some things that just aren't worth my time.

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