Seems like everyone is posting about snow, so here's mine.

It snows, I shovel, then I get back to what I was doing. This is Michigan, why is this newsworthy?
You're not doing it right; there needs to be more drama. Try throwing in a few more exclamation points and some dramatic-sounding, but pointless, questions: Will the power stay on?! The food hold out?!! Is this the end of civilization and the beginning of the next Ice Age?!!!??!

See, like that. Just, you know, handling it and getting on with life won't get you a TV gig.

I stopped by the store yesterday for a gallon of milk, and it looked like people were getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. Both stores I went to had packed parking lots. I should have just gotten milk at the convenience store and paid the extra buck.

Even if you can't get out for a day, do people not have 2 or 3 days worth of food in their houses? I don't think we'd be inconvenienced for about a week, at which point we'd probably be out of generator gas, and it'd be 2 or 3 weeks before we started to get low on food.
Gotta admit, though we wouldn't be starving, by two weeks dinner would be a bit... eccentric. Sardines in pumpkin sauce, anyone?
Well, not everyone grew up in rural areas where getting snowed in was a distinct possibility.

When I was a kid I recall the snow being up over my waist on a regular basis. Now the snow never gets over my knees.  People nowadays are soft.

(Well, yes, I was under 5yrs old, what's your point?  Oh yeah, Upstate NY, in the lake effect snow zone too!)