New phone

I got a Nexus 5 from the Google Play store. It arrived yesterday, I had to run in to Best Buy to get a SIM for it as I didn't realize I needed one early enough to get one from Ting. Anyway, it activated on Ting quickly and it's working fine. Its a hell of a nice phone. Not that I need anything near this nice, for me it's a bluetooth enabled podcast player, an occasional Kindle reader, and even more occasionally actually a phone.

But since it's the latest Nexus, there's no reason it shouldn't last several years. Of course, the last couple of phones that I got I intended to keep for several years, but I wound up swapping them out for one reason or another. My last one, an Optimus F3, I really liked but I swapped it over to the son when I got this after he broke his Nexus S.