[Dragonfly DIY] My favorite reading device

I picked up a 10" tablet a few days ago, mainly to read magazines on. I also tried reading ebooks on it, using several apps (2 of which I paid for back when I had the 7" tablet).

I gave it 4 days, then picked up my Kindle Paperwhite.

There's no contest. For reading straight text novels (read linearly, no color graphics) which is 90% of my reading, the Paperwhite is still far and away the better device.

The tablet is still great for reading magazines, though the one I got has barely enough resolution to do it comfortably (1280x800). I'd definitely recommend trying for higher resolution. I skipped it for this one because the higher resolution models either had Intel Atom CPUs (some apps not compatible), ran Windows 8, or cost significantly more (I only paid $230 for the 10" tablet).

FWIW I got a Lenovo Yoga 10 tablet. I have absolutely no complaints about it, other than that it shipped with a lousy launcher (all branded launchers are lousy). I replaced it with a KitKat launcher, which some guy compiled up straight from the actual KitKat code and put on the Play store. It works very well.