Movie room

Well, it took 8 years (I bought the projector back in 2006) but today I got the media room sort of working, and one of the kids and I watched a movie. I'm pretty happy despite it being a 720p projector and not that bright by current standards (it was the best I could afford at the time). I scored a really pretty decent and comfy loveseat at a rummage sale a week ago for $20 (didn't sell, I rescued it from going to charity/dumpster), and I managed to fight back the other stuff in that room (it's become my lab in the mean time) enough to make a reasonably usable area to sit in. I also rescued a Bose sound system straight out of the dumpster, and had to put some work into it, but it's working and isn't too bad. I am driving the whole thing with an old Roku 2 playing either Netflix or files off the router's DLNA/USB.

I still have more cleaning to do in there, and some work on the room would be nice too. I doubt I'll ever be able to really finish my original plans of proper seating and acoustic walls since I really can't live without a work space anymore, but I think I have a decent compromise.

BTW, K and I watched The Lego Movie. As soon as I can force someone to watch it with me, Army of Darkness is up.
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