[Dragonfly DIY] New media shelf

This is what I'd planned all along for this area, it's why that part of the room was built that way. Today I got around to building it.


The original plan was to use plywood to make the shelves, but I had a huge stack of 1x6s that were a dismantled paperback book shelf, so I rearranged them to go three deep. In a flash of inspiration while thinking of how to join them together into a solid unit, I ripped one set of shelves to half width, put it in the front, then put full width shelves behind that and screwed them into the uprights. Since the shelves were each half screwed to one upright and half to the one behind it, it turned the entire thing into a solid unit nicely.

The 7 inch shelf spacing that was already routed into the uprights turned out to be perfect for both the Polk Monitor 40s that I had for the front sides and for the receiver that's coming, which is 6 inches high - enough room for air circulation.

I like to build stuff I want out of stuff I just have lying around - it makes it a challenge and is more fun to have around when I'm done.

The top two shelves are for media, the top one a couple of inches higher to accommodate DVD cases (BD cases are shorter) so they're only one unit deep with a 1/8" plywood backing.

I finally got around to ordering a proper receiver. I ordered a Yamaha RX-V377. It's a modest receiver but it's got good reviews and good feature sets and is probably more amp than I'll ever need. It should be here on Friday so I can get busy wiring this up properly, including subwoofer and center channel. I don't have any rear speakers at this point, I'm not sure if I need them. The Yamaha actually has some kind of funky digital processing that's supposed to model the room (using a microphone that it comes with) and makes it sound like sounds are coming from the back of the room even when there are only front speakers, so we'll see how that goes.