New TV

Our TV is fairly old, and for at least 4 or 5 years it's had an issue where sometimes the backlight didn't come on. About once every couple months at first, getting worse. Thursday night it was very cranky and took many tries to get it to come on. This evening a trip to Costco led to purchase of a Sony 48" Bravia LED LCD set. Seems pretty nice. It's got "smart" features which I wouldn't have paid an extra dime for because they're basically what I already have in the Roku and the blu-ray player, but you can hardly get a TV without it anymore.

The sound is weak, not as good as our old set. It seems like they just put in speakers as an afterthought these days and assume you will be buying a sound bar. We might yet but not right now. It is pretty nice how cheap TVs have gotten since we bought our last model.