Switching things up

I've been fiddling around with moving to the Microsoft ecosystem from Google. This all came about when some Reddit poster pointed out that Microsoft "paid" you for using Bing. It's true, and I found that Bing has improved enough since the last time I tried it (when honestly it sucked) that it's equivalent to Google these days. Their maps are very good as well.

I'm starting to consolidate on OneDrive for cloud space, coming from Google Drive, Dropbox and Flickr. They give 15GB by default, though for some reason I seem to have been upgraded to 30GB. About a month's worth of points from doing Bing searches (I have 2 weeks worth now) will give me a year upgrade to 100GB which is more than what I need by far.

OneDrive seems to have very acceptable presentation of photos and video as well - I have been using shared folders there to share event photo albums and such and it's working OK. I may drop my Flickr account down to the free one instead of the pro this year. The OneDrive app on Android seems to work just fine.

Things that I'm not moving:

Google Docs. The free Office Online version doesn't measure up, partly because it looks like the modern version of Office, which has been "simplified" so much that I can no longer find anything in it. I haven't tried collaboration on Office yet, it presumably works but ISTM that the best it can be is only as good as Google.

Internet Explorer. I really tried, but having gotten used to Chrome, IE really blows. For single page use it's acceptable, but it's horribly slow if you've got a modest computer and want to open a bunch of tabs, which I do and I do. By "horribly slow" I really mean it - a multiple (30) tab open command that doesn't really bother Chrome very much causes IE to come to a complete stop and really crush the computer for as much as 10 minutes. Nope.