TV shows take time

So, I haven't really kept up on much of anything on broadcast TV for a couple of decades and more. I've picked up a few shows and watched them all, but mainly animated stuff, a few other things here and there. Lots of documentaries, quiz shows, etc.

Last weekend I decided to start nibbling at things - pick a show, start watching, try to polish off an episode a day.

I started with Voyager, it being the ST franchise I have seen the least of. ISTR that around season 3 it got OK.

I'm up to episode 7 after a few days. After watching that, I backed out on Netflix and counted. 170 episodes. Even watching one episode a night, that's half a year. Then I have several other ST franchises to get through. And I'm 3 years behind on Doctor Who, 4 or 5 years behind on The Simpsons, never seen a single episode of Family Guy (I know I may not be missing much on some of these, but I figure I should at least sample some of the most popular things).

I'm also finding a bunch of new documentaries that I really would like to watch. Over the weekend we watched one about how honey badgers really are assholes (though still fascinating), and I found a kind of neat show about weird stuff hidden away in various museums.

Even if I stick to this, I've probably picked a 5 year project here and I'm not sure if I really have or want to spend the time on it.