Energy efficient

I measured the power consumption of the new TV today. It's a Sony Bravia 48" LED LCD. 5 watts standby, 45 watts when running. I'm a bit disappointed with the 5 watt standby, they should be able to do better than that. I did turn off some of the energy saving things, in an attempt to have it booted and ready for network video playback as soon as it's turned on (by default it takes 20 seconds or so for that bit to boot) but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.

Still, it's the lowest total energy consumption TV that I saw, rated $9 per year to run, whatever that means. It was one of the considerations when purchasing.

The movie projector and audio system draw about 300 watts (250 for the projector, 30 for the receiver, 7 for the blu-ray player, 15 for the sub), but comparatively little (about 4 watts) on standby. So it'll cost about a dime to watch a movie (for just electricity). I guess I can live with that. I do need to remember to turn off the subwoofer, it draws 15 watts just sitting there. It does have a hard power switch so absolutely zero when off.