Calvin vs bike

Daring DIY

I finally bit the bullet, watched a couple of Youtube tutorials one last time, and tore down the geared hub on my winter bike. I wanted to do an automatic transmission fluid dip on it before winter, because the stock grease is super stiff in the cold.

Now that it's done, it wasn't difficult. It's scary because there are probably in excess of 200 parts in there, and I just had this nightmare vision of them all falling out and never getting it back together again. But it came apart cleanly into two pieces and one went nicely into a plastic jar where I soaked it in ATF fluid for 20 minutes or so. The other was the axle with some parts on it, which I just brushed with ATF. I inspected and repacked the bearings, and it all went back together in probably 5 minutes. So a lot less drama than I had feared.

It works, I won't know if it works BETTER until this winter when I'm trying to ride it at 10*F.

The rear brake is very weak and noisy. I think perhaps at some point when I lubed the chain I got some oil on the disc. I tried spraying it with brake cleaner and I think it's gripping a little better but mostly it made it noisier. Oh well, the rear brake doesn't provide much stopping power even when it's working perfectly. I should probably take the pads out and scour them in alcohol or something.