Windows install

I'm putting Windows 10 technical preview on my primary machine. It's a personal machine and I am pretty careful to never keep anything critical ONLY on the PC so I'm OK with running a possibly flaky OS. Besides, I've been running this on the lab PC for a couple of weeks and it's been behaving quite well and I like it.

It went about as well as normal Windows installs. That is, put in the CD, tell it to blow away the whole boot drive and replace it, click "next" a few times, wait about 15 minutes for install, and start installing. Once I had the video driver and Chrome installed, I could start browsing and working and watching video while doing the rest of the installs on a 2nd monitor. So the PC was really only out of commission for about 30 minutes. I always keep all my data on a 2nd hard drive which I disconnect during installs so there's no chance for the install to decide to do something regrettable. I generally throw my dozen or so most important things on right away then install other software as I need it.

Here's what I have installed after the base OS:

  • Printer driver
  • NVidia driver
  • Mainboard drivers: SATA3, USB3
  • Chrome
  • Keepass 2
  • Audacity
  • Filezilla
  • Lamedrop
  • ImgBurn
  • Slic3r
  • OpenSCAD
  • 7zip
  • Truecrypt 7.1a
  • AxCrypt
  • ConTEXT
  • uTorrent
  • Media Player Classic
  • Set Chrome as default PDF reader
  • Cartes du Ceil
  • Stellarium

(to be continued>