Windows 10 and stuff

So I've been using 10 on my main PC for a couple of days now. I very much like it. I didn't have to do nearly as many things to it to make it usable as I did with 7, and it has the features of 8.

I came very close to installing 8 last month because it's more capable of running my newer hardware than 7 is and I wanted to get that, but the same day that I was going to break the shrink wrap on my copy of 8, I heard that MS was going to announce the new Windows in a few days, so I returned 8 to Amazon.

This copy of 10 is the technical preview, but since I don't do anything on this PC that I can't afford to lose, and I've been running the 10 preview on the lab PC for close to a month, I decided to roll with it and so far it's excellent.

I just wish I could buy a nice 2K 23" touch screen for less than an arm and a leg. Normal 23" screen, $130. Add touch screen, $599.
That's not bad. I still think they need to come down more. ISTM that touch should add maybe $80 to $100 to a monitor, not $200.

Still, I'll put it on my wish list.