Windows stable again

Trials of running a pre-beta OS

Earlier this week, Windows 10 TP came up and said "we need to install updates and reboot now. Save your stuff and exit."

After that update, it was very, very unstable and was doing very weird things. Enough so that I tried moving back to 8 yesterday, but after several tries I couldn't get 8 to run either (this machine has never had 8 on it, only 7). I put 10 back on and just decided to stay away from the things that caused trouble. This morning it wanted to update and reboot again, and now it seems perfectly stable, better than before the update.

I still very much like the OS, I can't complain at all when I choose to run an OS that won't be released for close to a year yet. It's actually remarkably good given that (though they say that at this point even major GUI elements and features may yet change).