I've decided to continue using BeyondPod. Due to all the griping about their "update" they posted the previous version on their website as an APK. Of course the next morning it had auto-updated to the new version, so I had to figure out how to stop a single app from updating itself.

I went out and bought copies of Doggcatcher and Pocket Casts, but though they were both significantly better than the new version of BeyondPod, they're not as good as the old one. So I'm just sticking with the old one.
I have set up a workstation in my lab to work from home and gotten permission from work, once the first release cycle is over (mid January) to begin working 2 days a week, perhaps more later. The workstation has three 22" 1080p monitors on a triple VESA mount. I had a little trouble with the third because it's hooked to a USB 3.0 display adapter but after some fiddling I discovered it just doesn't like the DVI cable I was using. I'm kind of surprised how well this works actually, HD video is not a problem. For some reason three 22" monitors side by side is bigger than I thought it would be. As a bonus, the two sides could flip into portrait mode easily if it's convenient. I had to turn the monitors down to 15% brightness, they were stupidly bright.
I wound up returning the Sennheiser Momentum headphones to Amazon. They really didn't seem to sound that good to me (not to justify a $250 pricetag) and what's worse, they hurt my ears after only half an hour or so. So I got a pair of Sennheiser HD598s. They're beautiful looking, they're ridiculously comfortable and they sound fantastic. I'm very happy with them. Also they're open so I can hear people coming up behind me, which is important at work (and working from home), the Momentums and previously the Bose QC15s both required people to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention.