[Dragonfly DIY] Soldering stations to go

I picked up six of those 937D soldering stations, fired them all up, they all work fine. QC is better than I'd have thought for the money. None of the tips that the others came with were bad at all (one in the original sample was only "acceptable").

I picked up this box that used to be for an old, huge video projector 10+ years ago, and after cutting a bunch of the foam out, I've got a nifty carrying case. I was hoping to get more in there, I have 7 now and there's no room for the pencil holders, which I put in a separate bag. I could probably fit one or two more in there, especially if I bundle the AC power cables carefully. There is actually room for stations to go back-to-back in there if care is taken with the cables, but I just wedged the last two in the back because that's all that I had. I'll need more boxes if I get many more of these. I think eventually it would be nice to have 15 to 20 stations but I won't need to do that for probably several years.

These are to be used at the blinkie labs / how to solder workshops that I run (completely as a charity) where people put together my blinkie kits (which I also make $0.00 on). Those are currently running on a bunch of cheap Radio Shack soldering stations which are not ESD safe nor are they temperature controlled, and the tips are hard to get (probably impossible once Radio Shack inevitably goes out of business in the next year or two) so it'll be nice to start replacing them with decent stations. Some of the old stations were so bad last year I decided they weren't safe and threw them away.