Used purchase win

The mixer I bought used on eBay smelled a little like an open box special, which is most of the reason I went with it, and I think that was the case. In fact I think it might even be an overstock clearance or something. I got it today and it really looked like it had never even been opened. What's more, I got the USB version, which I was not supposed to get. This means that it has a USB port on the back and when plugged in to a PC, it acts as an audio input AND output device, so I don't have to patch over from a headphone jack on the PC to do audio, and I can record on the PC instead of using an external recorder.

A couple of the controls feel a little wonky/stiff but I think it's been in a box for a long time. Moving them seems to be loosening them up. I haven't actually connected it yet as I have nothing to really connect it to for a couple of days, but it looks good.