More bike fun

So I threw the new cassette on, and while I had it up on the stand I decided to try to figure out why it has been shifting funny lately. I found out it was only shifting over a part of its range and was very sluggish. While shifting through the range, the cable snapped.

It turned out the cable at the shifter had gotten badly frayed (surely as a result of the accident earlier this year) and stray strands were caught up in the mechanism. I eventually had to remove the shifter, which involved removing the bar tape and unstringing the brake cable from the bike. I had to partially disassemble the shifter to get all the bits of cable out of it. I have another cable ready to install, but with the weather looking like snow and ice tomorrow, I'll have to ride the winter bike anyway so there's no point in pushing to get it back together tonight. Besides, I need new bar tape anyway. I'll have to bring the bike inside to wrap the bar and get everything together anyway so I'm not worried about working outside in the cold either.