bike and audio stuff

I got the road bike functional again this evening; a final cleaning in the shifter, then threaded a new cable in and got everything adjusted. I don't have a bar wrap replacement yet, one's on my wish list at Amazon but I hesitate to place something like my 4th small order this week for only $5. Something will come along soon enough, and besides, I ride on the hoods 100% of the time anyway.

I was disappointed, I brought the bike in to the hallway to do the reassembly and the cats didn't come to investigate. One lurked on the basement stairway staring at it but no sniffing.

I also got in from Amazon all the cables I think I need for the audio stuff for this weekend, reviewed a youtube video by a pro audio guy on how to properly bundle cables for storage, got them all bundled and secured with velcro straps and put into a gym bag. Tomorrow I will hopefully get over to the church and start setting up, there's a rehearsal on Saturday morning so I def need to be ready by then.