Calvin vs bike

Camera mount tests

This afternoon I tested the mounts I had for rear facing cams on the bike.

The printed one that I came up with that fits on the bag is a total fail. It bounces around like mad making an unusable video.

I combined a very nice, super solid mount that I had from a previous camera with a tripod (1/4"-20) mount that came with this cam and it seems good. I do think that the camera's menu is backward - antishake on/off seem to be reversed. No big deal though.

I do have a bad memory card. It came out of Tom's phone and he lost data and apps on it, in the camera it's doing all kinds of bizarre crap, showing up not formatted, filling directories with random garbage, you name it. I'll just throw it away. I did pay probably $45 for it, but these days a 32GB Sandisk Ultra10 is $21 so it's really not worth my bother to get a replacement off-brand (AData) card. I'm sticking with ones sourced directly from Amazon, since there are so many counterfeit cards out there.