Larnin' somethin' new

On Saturday I was over at the church doing sound and video recording for a memorial service. The video was originally intended to be a quickie to send to a couple of relatives in other states that couldn't make it. That's really all they wanted.

However, I decided to give them more than that - partially because they handed me a "thank you" card with enough $$ in it to pay for the new copy of Sony Movie Studio that I bought last month. I was not expecting to be paid at all and felt I wanted to give them something nice back.

I have used Movie Studio for some really basic stuff, but I wanted to do a bit more. Also I've only every barely done enough on DVD Architect to make auto play DVDs. All told I think I spent about 8 hours screwing around, mainly bashing my head against a wall until I discovered I was standing right next to a door, as it were.

Also this morning after the first run at a DVD I remembered that I have a very old copy of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, and it has a royalty free background music generator. You can tell it how many minutes and seconds you need music for, pick from a few dozen songs and styles and it spits out a song that's exactly that long.

In the end the DVD I produced is pretty nice really. It's skills I really should have learned years ago. I could probably do the whole thing in an hour now that I know how this stuff all works.