Neat find

At the recycling station today, while throwing away cardboard boxes, I saw something weird looking and took a peek. Someone had thrown in cases of promotional pens. They're not supposed to be in there, but that's not my battle to fight. I decided to grab a couple, because once in a while a promotional pen will turn out to actually be pretty good and I might get lucky.

EDIT: YAY, the biggest box that I got, probably has 1000 or more pens in it, is identical to the previously favorite pen that I got from Kensington Court in A2!

I thought they were probably all the same but an hour later one of the kids said "this is a pencil." Sure enough, there were two kinds in the two boxes, and one box was full of rather nice metal mechanical pencils. I got in the car and went back to take a 2nd look. There were no more pencils, but there were cases of different kinds of pens. I grabbed one of the other styles than the one I got.

Pens are never a problem. Mechanical pencils are much more desirable. We do have probably 200 of them now, though DB grabbed over half of them to take to band, I guess he figures he'll be the go-to guy for people with no pencil to mark up their music for the rest of the year.

If anyone needs pens, I have a couple thousand. There are probably 10,000 more in the box skip, but they'll be buried by the end of the weekend. I had to dig a bit even after going back an hour later.