Raspberry Pi use found

I have done some fiddling around over the last few weeks and got the Raspberry Pi that I bought a year or so ago into a printed case and attached to an external drive. It's sharing the drive via Samba, and I just got MiniDLNA working on it so I can stream video from it to our various devices (smart TV, BD players). Since it draws only a few watts and the hard drive spins down after 10 minutes of not using it, I figure it's about as low power as I can get for a media server. I have also been using a 64G thumb drive plugged into the back of my router which draws even less (probably a small fraction of a watt) but it doesn't provide larger backup space that I wanted.

The Pi also provides me with an automation platform, it goes out and downloads my podcasts and picks up a few other things that I've scripted over the years. I like having a Linux box to do the scripting on, it's much more familiar and useful than desktop OSs.

It's nice to move that off to an always-on PC, I'm getting to the point where sometimes I go all day and never turn my Windows PC on - I use my phone plenty, my tablet some and my Kindle a bit, with all that sometimes there's not really a lot of reason to turn on the PC.