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The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison


This is IMO the best Hollows yet. I dislike it when long series like this turn into Gilligan's Island episodes where everything pretty much stays the same, the author afraid to let major changes happen in the universe.

Well, that's definitely not the case here. This book really shakes things up and I don't mind at all. I like where all of the characters are going. I like that Newt gets much more developed here. The changes that take place leave all the characters in a better emotional state too, and that's not a bad thing given the unrest most of them have been in for the last few books.

Mostly I like that it's a series where I actually care about the characters. That's become pretty rare lately.

(Oh, and definitely not the place to start if you're new to Hollows. Read them in order.)

[Purchased from Amazon 2/7/2015 - I don't know why it's priced at $1.99 but I'm not complaining]
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