Concert season

Time is failing to keep things from happening all at once.

It's been quite busy - so much so that I have been unable to finish the tree and bush trimming that I started 2 weeks ago. I may take a day off work this week to do that.

Wednesday we had a great concert, Saline, Dexter and Chelsea symphonic bands performed at the Saline High School. All were very good, Saline and Dexter were excellent, IMO. The Saline High School is a wonderful facility, the auditorium is a fantastic venue, spacious and comfortable and the acoustics are good.

Friday early morning my company had the kick-off meeting, with about 1000 people up at the convention center in Novi. If you saw a bunch of nonsense on Twitter coming from me about then, that was the reason. I can't even remember right now what I did the rest of the day, but I remember doing a lot of whatever it was.

Saturday morning was a stage rehearsal for me for the Ann Arbor Cantata Singers. At about 11:15 while singing my phone went off, it was my brother, asking if I was going to make mom's memorial service. 3 hours away. happening in less than 2 hours. Oops. We did set a day, casually, months ago, and that was the last I'd heard of it. I hadn't gotten a time or any news that it was in planning. Anyway, dodging out, darting home for a clothing change and a decidedly faster than is normal for me run across the state, I walked into the church at 2:10, just as the service was letting out, but it let out into a luncheon so I got to see everyone and visit for an hour anyway, and I got a CD of the service, then we went over for graveside dedication and I drove straight back home again.

Sunday was church, then I baked some cookies for the reception after the Cantata Singers concert. I assembled my recording gear and left to get to the church 30 minutes before call, got set up OK and the concert went very well, and the reception afterward was very fun.

At home I edited the audio and I was kind of blown away. It's been so long since I've been in a group that was so good that I want to grab people and make them listen to it. Also I'm very happy with my new recording equipment. There's a little bit of low rumble, but I think that may be environmental. It might be interesting to try the low cut filter on the microphones sometime, or maybe just do it in software. Or maybe just not worry about it; it probably wouldn't be noticeable at all normally, but I was listening to it on Sennheiser HD598s.

There are more concerts coming in the next few weeks, and also Tom is in Much Ado About Nothing Fr/Sa/Su of Mother's Day weekend.