Some recent software changes

I've reverted BeyondPod on my phone back to a previous release. I gave it a full 3 months using the new interface, thinking I just had to get used to it and stop being afraid of change, but it's not just me. The new interface does actually suck. Also it's buggy in a lot of ways; menus disappear with no reason, it ignores my preferences and downloads on the data plan even though it's set to wifi only, etc. I reinstalled the old version via APK and was instantly much happier.

I just noticed that Google has a (forced install) podcast player called Listen. I guess I'll give it a try but it doesn't look anything special.

I'm also fiddling with ProDo which is a nice frontend on Google Tasks. I've been a ToDoist subscriber for a couple of years, but I'm playing with some other ways to manage my tasks.

I switched to Fenix for a Twitter client a couple of months ago, I have no complaints. It's fast, always remembers where I was, doesn't have to rebuffer stuff when returning.

Amazon finally started supporting playing streaming video on non-Kindle devices. It was a little clunky to set up but it's running on my tablet now.

On the PC side, I discovered MusicBee which I quite like as a music manager. It seems fast, well thought out and reliable. I fiddled with FooBar 2000 for a couple of hours but I wasn't very impressed. I'm sure it's fine, but any software that tells me to edit an XML file to change the configuration is probably not going to be my top choice.

I think I already mentioned it here but I am running RuneAudio on a Raspberry Pi as an audio player now. Seems OK though it's early days.