Book finished: Abaddon's Gate

Abaddon's Gate by James S.A. Corey


Good continuation of the series. Lots of suspense and action. Got a bit slow about halfway through but picked up and turned into a page turner for the last third or so. Got a few fun new characters in the universe, ones I can care about.

A couple of favorite passages:

As she walked across a wide empty plain of steel that should have been covered in topsoil and crops, she thought that this audaciousness was exactly what humanity had lost somewhere in the last couple of centuries. When ancient maritime explorers had climbed into their creaking wooden ships and tried to find ways to cross the great oceans of Earth, had their voyage been any less dangerous than the one the Mormons had been planning to attempt? The end point any less mysterioous? But in both cases, they'd been driven to find out what was on the other side of the long trip. Driven by a need to see shores no one else had ever seen before. Show a human a closed door, and no matter how many doors she finds, she'll be haunted by what might be behind it. A few people liked to pain this drive as a weakness. A failing of the species. Humanity as the virus. The creature that never stops filling up its available living space.

Hector seemed to be moving over to that view, based on their last conversation. But Anna rejected that idea. If humanity were capable of being satisfied, then they'd all still be living in trees and eating bugs out of one another's fur. Anna had walked on a moon of Jupiter. She'd looked up through a dome-covered sky at the great red spot, close enough to see the swirls and eddies of a storm larger than her home world. She'd tasted water thawed from ice as old as the solar system itself. And it was that human dissatisfaction, that human audacity, that had put her there. Looking at the tiny world spinning around her, she knew one day it would give them the stars as well.


Heroism is a label most people get for doing shit they'd never do if the were really thinking about it.
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