I got my scope out for the first time in I don't even know how long. Years. There was a printout from 2005 in the eyepiece case, though I THINK it hasn't been that long.

My equipment needs attention. The chair I built many years ago, the prop strut on the back has come unglued. I'd actually like to build something a little better, I have some ideas though I'm going to see what's on the market first. I'd like something like a drummer's throne but hydraulic, and it should have more adjustment than that. With a 10" I don't need the range I did with the 15" scope. It'd be nice if there was some way to hold a sketch pad as well.

I also need better eyepiece holders, the Orion has one 2" hole and 4 or 5 1.25" ones - I'd prefer about 4 or more 2" holes, I'll put every 1.25" eyepiece into a 2" adapter and just leave it there.

I should remove the computer from the scope, I'm not at all interested in using it.

The rubber rings fell apart and came off the focus knobs but I don't care about that.

The scope was out of collimation but I pretty much fixed that before starting.

I REALLY REALLY need to build an eq platform for my scope. SO irritating having to manually track while I'm trying to sketch. I want to do a 3D printed parts set, using OpenSCAD, making it parametric so you can just type in your latitude and platform size and it'll print out a parts kit for you. Also need a quick and dirty stepper driver, probably base it on one of the tiny Arduinos, maybe even the Digispark (they're $2 each).

I should buy another copy of Turn Left - the one I have is the one with all 4 signatures on it (Guy, Dan Davis, Todd and Mary Lynn) so I probably shouldn't take it out in the dew very much.

I didn't do a ton, mainly just initial shakeout of the equipment. I did a few sketches. Started with a log page with a couple of sketch spots, but then printed some pages with just 3 sketch areas per page and a small notes area, after I remembered I'd rather sketch than write notes. I' posting them at this album on Google Photos.