[Dragonfly DIY] Sainsmart TPU flexible filament

I got a spool of TPU 1.75mm filament from Sainsmart (via Amazon) for about $32, it arrived yesterday. I don't have a real plan for it right now but I've had need for flex in the past so at that price I'll just throw it on the shelf.

It's really pretty flexible, but not floppy and also seems pretty tough. With infill it's actually quite rigid not squishy, but it still has some give. I really like TPU for phone cases for instance - it's slippery enough to not gather lint like silicone does, but flex enough that it absorbs shock. It would be interesting to try printing this in a 2nd extruder with ABS or PLA and see if they bond, to use this as bumper material on harder prints.

I printed an experimental piece just now, a little evil duckie about 30mm tall. It prints smoothly. I heated the bed to about 50, printed on blue tape at 200. This is on the CTC and I think it's reading a bit low on temps, it's likely it was actually at 210 or even 215.

That's one knock on the CTC - I don't think they use PID on the temps at all, I think it's just bang-banging the temps, they jump around quite a lot compared to the RepRap. I really would like to port Marlin to the Mightyboard at some point if someone hasn't already done it. It would be a vast improvement (and get me away from having to use the horrid x3g files, and give control during printing - it's maddening to have to abort prints, reslice and restart if I decide I should be running a few degrees hotter or a few mm/s slower).