Moving data

I have been running two 5T drives as my data storage, but had one on a PC in the lab, the other hooked to the router. It just happened that way. I was keeping mostly the same data on both but I was just using a batch file that I ran occasionally to do the copies and I forgot for weeks at a time.

I finally decided to put them both on the same machine and mirror them.

In the process I found out some stupid stuff about Windows storage spaces. Not killers but irritating especially since I did a bunch of work with an assumption that turned out to be wrong.

Steps taken:
- Run the batch file to sync the drives (an hour or so)
- Format one of the drives, set it up as a storage space, then copy the data back to it (about 12 hours)
- format the other drive, add it to the storage space.
- WAIT, I didn't want to grow it, I wanted it to be a mirror. Stop that, you. (prep for removal and remove drive from the set)
- fiddle with settings. Google. Read.
- Find out that you can't change the architecture once set up - no adding of mirror drives. You have to set it up as a mirror in the first place (which requires 2 drives)
- Check and find out that the space currently has about 1.49T of data on it.
- Dig up an old 1.5T drive, copy the data to it (USB 2.0, so about 24 hours)
- Set up the two 5T drives as a mirror set
- Copy the data BACK to the mirror set (probably about 18 hours, it's going right now.

Anyway, irritating, but really not that big of a deal now that I know. The nice bit is that it was cheap ($125 per 5T drive x 2) and I don't need anything special to use the drives. I can grab either drive, plug it in to a Windows 8/10 machine and have my data.

I assume that if I want to grow it from here (hopefully not, 5T should be enough for a long time), I have to add two drives at once to keep it as a mirrored set.