What I read in 2015

OK, managed to polish off one last book before midnight. Time to tally up.

I managed to get through 47 books this year, right around 21,000 pages according to GoodReads. I'm happy with that given that it was almost all print. I've technically done more books and pages in prior years but that was mostly audio. I like audio, I actually have good, in many cases better retention and enjoyment of audio than print, and for some books it's about the only way I'm going to get through them, but I still feel a little funny counting them as "pages read."

Speaking of Goodreads, here's the kind of cool My Year in Books

Jan-June 2015 detail and links
ebooks: 23
paper: 0
audio: 2
total: 25

Jul-Dec 2015 detail and links
ebooks: 18
paper: 0
audio: 4
total: 22
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