[Dragonfly DIY] Using standard software with the CTC printer

I prefer to use Slic3r to generate the files to feed into my printers. My current printer is a CTC which unfortunately uses a clone of the Makerbot electronics, and as such doesn't use standard GCode files (and has other significant shortcomings which make it feel extremely primitive to someone used to Marlin).

Anyway, I've been using it for months now, and figured I should post my current setup - it's a bit changed from what I had before. This is mostly a recap of what I've posted before.

In order to make Slic3r generate the right files, you need to do this:

Download the GCode to GPX conversion program at this page on Thingiverse.
Unzip that somewhere on your machine. In my example, I put it at d:\apps\gpx
Create a batch file somewhere (I put it in d:\apps\gpx along with the gpx.exe app) with the following line (changing the paths if that's not where you put your files).

d:\apps\gpx\gpx.exe -g -p -cd:\apps\gpx\CTC.ini %1 %1.x3g

Then create the "CTC.ini" file referred to in that line. I have posted mine on pastebin at the link below. You can just download it from there. I've made changes since my original post, and it could probably still be tweaked. I think the speeds could be faster for instance, but I'm OK with them where they are.

Then in Slic3r, go to Print settings / Output options and enter the full path to the BAT file (again, I've used MY path below, change yours if necessary)

You'll also want to go to the "Printer Settings" tab, then under Custom G-code, put in the code from this page:

There's other good stuff on there. You'll want to create a single left, single right and dual extrusion profile.

In Slic3r, in Printer Settings, set the print bed to 225x145mm, with the origin at 112x72. The firmware puts the origin in the MIDDLE of the printbed, which is unlike all other printers I've seen and this really threw me for a while - it kept starting to print on the rear right corner of the print surface.

That should do it. Now when you hit "generate GCode" it will do so, then when it's done it will call GPX which will generate the "(filename.gcode).x3g" file alongside the gcode file. That's what you need to put in the SD card to print with the CTC printer.