[Dragonfly DIY] Headrest problem and solution

I have a new (2016) Ford Escape, and the headrest is too far forward for my wife. I know it adjusts, even in the far back position it's pushing her head forward farther than she likes.

I tried flipping it around the other way but since it has a tipping adjustment, I didn't like this because it would flop backwards in a collision. I didn't think this was safe.

I found a headrest for an earlier model Escape (pre 2013) on eBay for $25. When installed backwards, it is perfect, coming up in a straight line from the seat back. Since it's not adjustable, it is rigid in this configuration.

The post size and spacing is identical between the older Escapes and the new one. When installed frontwards, the height adjustment works identically too. When installed backwards, neither the stock nor the replacement latches, except they're retained from coming all the way out. But it works fine in the full down position so it's fine.

Stock headrest in full back position:

Used one installed backwards: