Things to do.

Capricon was much fun, though I got a cold starting the very first day, and by Sunday it was in nearly full swing. I really hope I didn't give it to anyone, clearly I brought it to town with me. I spent much of Sunday night awake, so I took a sleep aid Monday night and feel much better this morning. Hopefully I can get back to work on Wednesday.

The kids' car had some front end fixing to get done, that was accomplished Sunday and Monday, and is mostly done now. There's some metal straightening to do, right now the left headlight is aimed as high as the adjustment will allow but it's still a bit too low because the metal got bent downwards a bit there.

I have a circuit board to lay out and get prototyped for an industrial control project I'm working on. I haven't used KiCad for almost 2 years now, that's the problem, I get decently good at it, then put it down long enough to forget almost everything.

I need to finish making another couple of ultrasonic distance sensors for the robotics club. I gave them one before I left for the weekend, but they need a spare and one for the programming clone bot.

There's also some talk of making handicapped accessible facilities in the most inaccessible of places that we go every year, and I'm getting a bit interested in that. That could be an interesting project.