I fear for my bank account

Now that I've decided to build a shop and will have room for proper tools, I've already started outfitting it on my wishlist.

  • Metal cutting bandsaw (we got one at the high school and it is SCHWEET)
  • vertical wood bandsaw
  • 8-24 benchtop lathe (despite people trying to talk me into a much larger one)
  • mill (possibly a used Bridgeport with a 3 phase controller)
  • Shear/press brake/slip roll metal forming machine
  • Throatless shear
  • better storage for stuff
  • at least one sanding machine - the school has an oscillating table belt sander that's very nice. Or the traditional belt+disc sander.

Yeah, that's already up around $5000 even with a used mill. And I'm just getting started. And that's not tooling, just the machines.

Yikes. Well, I guess as long as I don't exceed the balance in my toy account at any given time...

And now that I will have room for them as well:
  • Bigger 3D printer (maybe)
  • Laser cutter
  • CNC router, along the lines of a shopbot though I'll probably just build it myself. I already have most of the junk I'd need lying around anyway.

In better news, I am starting to figure out how to get my junk organized. So irritating having ideas and not being able to implement them because I can't find the stuff I know I have around here somewhere.