[Dragonfly DIY] FRC Stronghold videos

This is just a list of all the videos I find of FRC bots - mainly looking at designs, but also good field video as well. I'll be returning to it and adding links frequently. I intend to use this as an off season learning tool.

Reveal videos and detail photos/video

706 Cyberhawks reveal
3171 Hurricanes reveal
1678 two-ball auto
234 Cyber Blue reveal
2054 Tech Vikes reveal
68 reveal
4646 ASAP reveal
1986 Team Titanium reveal
1778 Chillout reveal
333 Megalodons reveal
5401 Fightin' Robotic Owls reveal - with build scenes
5479 reveal photos
1124 Uberbots reveal
2848 All Sparks planning, build and reveal video
2485 WAR Lords reveal
5806 Basement Lions reveal
2341 Sprockets reveal photo
1533 Excellent planning and reveal video
3481 Broncbots planning, build and reveal
4028 Beak Squad build/reveal
3646 planning/build/reveal
179 Children of the Swamp reveal
118 Robonauts reveal
4904 Bot-Provoking reveal
1595 Dragons reveal (BEAUTIFUL robot)
188 reveal
2630 Thunderbolts reveal "Black Widow"
610 reveal
1690 Orbit reveal
5254 reveal
2869 Regal Eagles reveal
5817 UniRex reveal
2403 Plasma Robotics reveal
1108 reveals "Sir Launchalot"
701 reveals "Loki"
4611 reveal with commentary
5990 Trigon reveal
3386 Tornades reveal
1635 reveal

Related videos

1635 design innovation video

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