New cinematic/tv project

I just started the Marvel cinematic viewing order today. First movie, Captain America, The First Avenger. It will take a while since it contains two seasons of Agent Carter and Agents of Shield, none of which I've seen.

The only movies in the series I've seen so far are The Avengers, Guardians, Winter Soldier and the first Iron Man movie. I'll probably watch them all again, because, hey.
I've been picking up the parts I've missed. Saturday, I watched The Incredible Hulk, and yesterday I watched episodes 3 and 4 of Daredevil.

We need to find our missing Netflix DVDs (which were delivered to the PO Box when we were still staying with my parents and haven't been seen post-move - but aren't at my parents' house if Tara's look was accurate) before I can watch Antman - unless I give up and pick it up digitally or on DVD.