Winding it up for spring/summer

This past weekend I started getting things actually going for the summer.

Yesterday I went to Menards with photos and measurements, they'll be putting together plans and BOM for the shop (3rd garage bay). They're going to do plans for 24 feet square. Probably residing the entire garage, otherwise the siding won't match, and it's not really that much space to fill.

Once we get the plans finalized, I'll line up a mini-excavator for doing the foundation - and we have a number of bushes that need to be moved and a few stumps and some more horrible autumn olive bushes that need to be removed while I have the thing. Then I need to line up cement for the foundation and fill, I'm going to just hire a team to do the floor (insulated from underneath). Then I can start on the building. It's been about 20 years since I last got building permits, I need to remember that process. ISTR that the township is generally pretty helpful about that.

I picked up a trailer sprayer, I'm going to try to change the ratio of grass to weeds in our entire property. I've been spot spraying the worst of the weeds for weeks, but there are places where this would require me to create a large desert and try to reseed it. I'm going to try this instead. It should be especially helpful in the front yard where we already have a lot of grass, and probably only about 20% weeds.

We picked up this cool thing for the back yard yesterday.
I can see the picture in your crosspost on Facebook, but not here. Weird. I saw those at Meijer. I don't ever sit outside long enough to justify one, though.
OK I think it'll work now. Google Photos doesn't have a real option for embedding, so there were rights issues when I copied the image URL bare. I put it in a shared album and used that URL instead and now it opens in a browser that isn't logged in to Google.

Kate already sits outside for an hour or three every day. If I'm reading, I might as well be outside where it's nice.