Book finished: Earth Awakens

Earth Awakens by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston


Nice wrapup to the prequel story. This series got me re-interested in the Enderverse. There are a couple of the Shadow books that I haven't read yet, I am putting those on my short list for later this year.
In this entire series you do have to look past the fact that the authors apparently have never actually learned anything about orbital physics. If you can't do that, parts of this story will drive you crazy.
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I've not read or listened to any of the Enderverse prequels (except for the short stories in the First Meetings collection).

But, I've listened to all of the main novels (4 Ender novels, for Bean (Shadow) novels) and a few of the other works - all unabridged from the publisher that is now Audible Frontiers. I don't think I'll ever hear Hiram Graff speak with anything other than Stephen Rudnicki's voice.

At Loncon 3, during The Hugo Award ceremony when Lightspeed won for Best Semiprozine, I told myself that I'd know nearly instantly if Rudnicki was the acceptor (as their podcast producer, he was listed). Sure enough, it took about two words to know that it was him.